Medsense Health helps 87-year-old woman and her family regain control of her medication regimen

Medsense Health

Meet Meredith Lee. Meredith is 87 and lives with her 92-year-old husband Wayne. Wayne and their son, Ed, are worried that Meredith is missing her medications more often. Meredith has a complicated medication schedule and takes fourteen medications and supplements each day, all from different containers. Wayne uses a weekly pill organizer for his medications and wants Meredith to do the same. Meredith likes her current system and is unwilling to change how she takes her pills. Months later Wayne and Ed learn of the Medsense Health platform and feel this could be the perfect solution. Wayne explains to Meredith how Medsense works and she agrees to try the system. She likes how it integrates directly into her current routine by simply attaching sensors to her already existing pill bottles. Wayne is glad she will receive reminders while Meredith likes she will be reminded only if she misses a dose. 

Establishing Baseline Adherence.  Wayne creates an account for himself and Meredith and uses the online step-by-step guide to set up the system. During this process, he is able to easily add her medication schedule into the app. Wayne, as her caregiver, is able to turn caregiver notifications on for tracking as well as be updated in real-time on her progress. Wayne invites Ed to monitor Meredith’s account and Ed decides to only be notified when Meredith misses a dose. 

Over the next two weeks, Wayne monitors Meredith’s medication usage and discovers she is only taking her medications correctly 40% of the time. Meredith is missing her morning medications over half the time and will often take a combination of her morning and afternoon medications in the early afternoon, or not at all. Meredith is more consistent with her nightly medications, but still misses them occasionally and will often take them several hours after the appropriate time. 

Alexa Reminders and Automated Telephone Calls. Meredith, Wayne, and Ed all agree that the use of reminders will help Meredith better manage her medications. Wayne activates the Medsense Health Alexa skill and enters his home phone number into the mobile app so Meredith can receive both Alexa and telephone-call reminders. At 10:30 pm that evening, thirty minutes after her scheduled evening doses, Alexa reminds Meredith that it is time to take each of her four evening pills and she heads to the bathroom to take her medications. Simultaneously, the phone rings and Wayne listens to a message from Medsense. Wayne realizes that using the Alexa skill is sufficient for Meredith and turns off the telephone reminders. Over the next two weeks, the Alexa skill reminds Meredith about which medications to take and the quantity each time she misses her dose. Over the next two weeks, her medication adherence increases to 94%.

About Medsense Health

Medsense Health uses attachable sensors, voice-enabled devices, and a mobile application to help seniors and their families safely manage medications.



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