What are families experiencing with Medsense Health?

We are helping seniors and their families find peace of mind. Below are some of our recent reviews!

Monitoring my dad's medications has been really stressful. We used Medsense to learn he was taking several of his medications at the wrong time of the day. After speaking with him and enabling the reminders, we were able to get him on track.
-John M.

I had a really hard time managing my spouse's medications as he takes over 15 medications a day. I have found the app notifications to be very helpful.
-Katherine T.
My mother has a hard time reading labels and the colored sensors make it easy for her to quickly find the right medication. Highly recommend it for others.
-Bob H.

Because my dad doesn't have a smartphone being able to set up everything on my smartphone was great and easy.

My Dad uses a weekly pill organizer, two inhalers, and supplements. We both like having one system to help him with all his different medications. Would recommend to anyone managing a lot of medications.
-Ruby N

I like all the different sensor colors and how easily they attached to my bottles.

My grandma thinks the phone call reminding her to take her meds when she forgets is really helpful. I really like that I get notifications as well when she takes or misses a med.
-Thomas B.
The Alexa skill integrates nicely with the mobile app. I shared a video of the startup
sequence and then I ask the skill several different questions about my medications.
-Glenda B.

I cannot stress how much this app has helped me stay on track with medications. Highly recommend.
-Lauren N.

Working with Medsense Health to help a few of our clients better manage their medications has been great. It helps our clients when our caregivers aren’t there and give families an extra sense of security.

-Nancy M.

Simple and innovative technology that instantly helped our clients with medication management. The sensors attach to many different container types and the app makes it easy for our nurses, caregivers, clients, and families to see when medications are taken.

-David T.

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About Medsense Health
Medsense Health uses attachable sensors, voice-enabled devices, and a mobile application to help seniors and their families safely manage medications.