What are families experiencing with Medsense Health?

We are helping seniors and their families find peace of mind. Below are some of our recent reviews! Monitoring my dad's medications has been really stressful. We used Medsense to learn he was taking several of his medications at the wrong time of the day. After speaking with him and enabling the reminders, we were able to get him on track. -John M.   I had a really hard time managing my spouse's medications as he takes over 15 medications a day. I have found the app notifications to be very helpful. -Katherine T.   My mother has a hard time...

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Medsense Health helps 87-year-old woman and her family regain control of her medication regimen

Meet Meredith Lee. Meredith is 87 and lives with her 92-year-old husband Wayne. Wayne and their son, Ed, are worried that Meredith is missing her medications more often. Meredith has a complicated medication schedule and takes fourteen medications and supplements each day, all from different containers. Wayne uses a weekly pill organizer for his medications and wants Meredith to do the same. Meredith likes her current system and is unwilling to change how she takes her pills. Months later Wayne and Ed learn of the Medsense Health platform and feel this could be the perfect solution. Wayne explains to Meredith...

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