Medsense Health Starter Pack

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What's included in the Medsense Health Starter pack?


  • 7 motion sensors for connecting with any medication container
  • 1 Medsense Hub that plugs into an outlet for collecting consumption data 24/7
  • 1 mobile app for set up, management, and monitoring
  • 1 Alexa Skill for voice reminders and questions
  • Unlimited telephone calls, texts, and Alexa API calls

What can you do with the Medsense Health mobile app?

Use the Medsense Health Mobile App to add, update, and delete medications, sync sensors, monitor medication consumption, view current medication lists, daily, weekly, & monthly adherence reports, and configure alerts, notifications, and reminders for yourself and those you care for.

No mobile app needed after setup!

The Medsense platform is built for triggering notifications with senior-friendly technology (e.g. phone calls, text messages) as well as voice-enabled devices like Alexa.

Download the Medsense Health App

  • By clicking the link here

Download the Medsense Health Alexa Skill

  • By clicking the link here


About Medsense Health Orders

  • All orders come with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

How it works

Bluetooth Sensors

Medsense Health Sensors attach to your medication containers and send data to our application when medications are taken.

Mobile Application

Sync sensors, configure alerts, notifications, and reminders, monitor consumption, and view analytics and reports with our app.

Reminders and Notifications

Medsense Health can send alerts, notifications, and reminders through push notifications, text messages, telephone calls, and Alexa.

Push Notifications

Text Messages




Care for Others

With the Medsense Health Care Portal you can setup, manage, and monitor medications for another as well as customize alerts and notifications for you and the person you care for.

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