Introducing Better Medication Management


Medsense Health uses attachable sensors, voice-enabled devices, and a mobile app to help people, families, and care organizations achieve better medication management.

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Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics

Medsense Health provides real-time medication updates and reporting for people, families, caregivers, and care providers.

Offer Services that Improve Care

Medsense Health allows for safe and effective medication management that keeps people healthy and out of the hospital and ED.

Rise above your competition

As our partner, you will gain access to innovative medication management technologies that your customers will appreciate.

How it Works

Sensors attach to any container

Our uniquely colored sensors attach seamlessly to any medication container using a reusable double sided adhesive.

Medsense Hub collects data 24/7

The Medsense Health Hub connects to WIFI and captures data from the sensors.

Mobile Care Portal

The mobile application syncs each sensor with a medication regimen and configures customizable alerts and notifications for families, caregivers, and care providers.

Voice alerts and notifications

After setup, Medsense Health can be used without a smart phone!

Push Notifications

Text Messages



Download the Medsense Health Pilot Study Results

Medsense conducted a month long study of ten patients to determine their medication adherence using the Medsense Medication Management platform. The patient demographics spanned the full spectrum of age ranges, totaling 3,035 doses. The adherence rate with Medsense was 93.2%. Fill out the form below and download the PDF to learn more!

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