Medsense Health Sensor Pack - B

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What's included in the Medsense Health Sensor Pack B?


  • 7 motion sensors for tracking consumption from any medication container
  • 1 mobile app for set up, management, and monitoring
  • 1 Alexa Skill for voice reminders and questions
  • Unlimited telephone calls, texts, and Alexa API calls
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Which sensors are included in Sensor Pack B?

  • 1 Square Sensor
  • 1 Triangle Sensor
  • 1 Diamond Sensor
  • 1 Moon Sensor
  • 1 Star Sensor
  • 1 Heart Sensor
  • 1 Cross Sensor

No mobile app needed after setup!

The Medsense platform is built for triggering notifications with senior-friendly technology (e.g. phone calls, text messages) as well as voice-enabled devices like Alexa.

Download the Medsense Health App

  • By clicking the link here

Download the Medsense Health Alexa Skill

  • By clicking the link here


About Medsense Health Orders

  • All orders come with a 30-day money-back guarantee


"Grandma thinks the phone call reminding her to take her meds when she forgets to be really helpful and I no longer feel like her doctor having to call and ask if she has taken them yet."

- Jayne Brown

Sensors attach to any container

Our uniquely colored sensors attach seamlessly to any medication container using a reusable double sided adhesive.

Medsense Hub collects data 24/7

The Medsense Hub connects to WIFI and captures data from the sensors.

Mobile Care Portal

The mobile application syncs each sensor with a medication regimen and configures alerts and notifications for you and the person you are caring for.

Voice alerts and notifications

After initial configuration, Medsense Health functions autonomously.

Push Notifications

Text Messages



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