Add medication monitoring and therapy response tools with Medsense Health's Partner API & Webhooks

Partner API

You can use the Medsense Health Partner API to add real-time medication monitoring for your patients all within your exisiting application. It is easy to add patients, sensors, and medications and query captured data.

While you work to complete your integration, we offer tools and white label applications to quickly deploy pilots and proof of concept studies.


Medsense can send you notifications any time an event happens with one of your patients. This is useful for knowing when patients are supposed to be taking medications, when they have missed a dose, or when their Medsense hardware is unavailable.

Using the Medsense webhooks will allow you to enhance data in your remote patient monitoring controls, help you determine a patient’s medication adherence, or build a comprehensive patient care plan.

Patient Engagement Tools

Medsense has built condition specific patient engagement tools that capture how a patient is responding to their medications and broader treatment plan. This increases the value of the medication adherence data and builds a complete picture of the patient journey.

The condition specific surveys are delivered by defined event triggers and can be branded for your company. The therapy response data captured is made available through our API query service.

White Label Solution

Medsense Health's hub, sensors, and patient engagement therapy response surveys can be branded for your company.