Weekly Pill Organizer - Sensor Pack

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What's included in the Weekly Pill Organizer Starter pack?


  • 7 motion sensors for tracking consumption from one weekly pill organizer
  • 1 mobile app for set up, management, and monitoring
  • 1 Alexa Skill for voice reminders and questions
  • Unlimited telephone calls, texts, and Alexa API calls
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No mobile app needed after setup!

The Medsense platform is built for triggering notifications with senior-friendly technology (e.g. phone calls, text messages) as well as voice-enabled devices like Alexa.

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I can't overstate how much of a positive impact this had on my life. I went from frequently missing my medications to taking them almost all the time. I love how the app will reminder me to take my medications if I forget, but if I remember it won't bug me telling me to do something I already did.


SO helpful. I cannot stress how much this app has helped me stay on track with medications. Highly recommend to anyone who takes medications consistently.


"When I learned my mom would sometimes go days without taking her medications I was looking for something to help her. The telephone call reminders when she forgets are very helpful and I love being notified when she misses a dose."


Perfect for my dad. My dad uses a weekly pill organizer, two inhalers, and supplements. We both like having one system to help him with all his different medications. Would recommend to anyone managing a lot of medications.


Saves Time. I had a really hard time managing my spouse’s medications as he takes over 15 medications a day. I have found the app notifications to be very helpful.


Grandma loves it! My grandma thinks the phone call reminding her to take her meds when she forgets is really helpful. I really like that I get notifications as well when she takes or misses a med.


Helpful. My mother has a hard time reading labels and the colored sensors make it easy for her to quickly find the right medication.