Welcome to
Medsense Health!

We are so glad you downloaded the Medsense Health mobile app! Below are step by step instructions to help get you started!

How to Set Up and Use
Medsense Health

Learn how to set up and use the Medsense Health platform.  

Setup Instructions


Create an account

This will be the account you use for yourself and not the person you may be caring for.


Select your user type

Choose how you plan to use Medsense. You can use Medsense to help manage your medications or the medications of another.


Begin set up process

You will be asked if you are ready to setup Medsense. If you click no, you will need to setup the Hub later by going into account settings.


Connect the Hub

To connect the Hub to your home network, enter the network name and password.

Before pressing "Done" verify network name and password have been entered correctly using case sensitive characters.


Add your sensors

After setting up the Hub, you will add the sensors inside the packaging to your Medsense Health account.

To do this, go to the "Medications" tab and press "Add medications" or "Add sensors".


Allow access to your camera

The Medsense Health app will ask for access to the Camera. Press "OK".

If you press "Don't Allow", you will need to give the app access by going into 1) iPhone settings 2) Medsense Health and 3) Turning on switch to allow Camera Access.


Scan the QR code

The mobile app will prompt you to add the set of sensors to your Medsense Health account by scanning the QR code on your packaging insert.


Add your first medication

Pick a medication you would like to add first.

Next, select the container type and enter schedule and dosing information.

After, choose whether you would like to be reminded for every dose or only when you forget and the sensor color you will attach to the container.

If you are using a weekly pill organizer, enter all the medications that go inside before you attach the seven sensors.


Attach the sensor to the container

After pressing "add medication", a pop-up will show you where to attach the sensor to the medication container.


Next steps

After adding your first medication, repeat this process for other medications and customize alerts and notifications in the "Notifications" section.

As soon as your first dose is taken, you will see the dose marked in the "Data" tab!

Additional Video Instructions

Alerts, Notifications, and
Monitoring Others

Learn how to configure alerts and notifications as well as monitor medication consumption for you and others.

Accessing Up-To-Date
Medication Lists

Learn how to access your up-to-date medication list.

Voice Capabilities

Add voice-reminders, notifications, and the ability to ask questions with the Medsense Health Alexa Skill.

Editing and Deleting Medications

Learn how to edit, update, and delete medications.

Need additional Help?

Email our support team at contact@medsense.health. We look forward to assisting you!

email: contact@medsense.health