Safely and effectively manage medications

medsense uses attachable Bluetooth sensors and a voice-interactive application to enable safe and stress-free medication management for individuals, families, and caregivers.

Stress-free medication management 

99% Consumption

Detection Rate

medsense uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to accurately detect medication consumption events with 99% accuracy.

Real-time Updates & Notifications

medsense sends notifications about key events such as missed doses, taken doses, and wrong doses.

Time for What Matters

medsense takes away the hassle of medication management, leaving time for what really matters.

Seamless integration

Sensors attach to any container

medsense's uniquely colored sensors attach to any medication container and make it easy to differentiate one medication from another. 

Voice-enabled notifications

medsense sends alerts and reminders through a variety of different technologies including Alexa, telephone calls, and text messages. 

No changes in routine

medsense is a medication management assistant that integrates seamlessly into the life of the user.

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