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Depend on medsense for

real-time medication monitoring

and assistance.

Medication management is stressful...

"I wish I could keep track of my father’s medication schedule without having to drive to his house everyday."

"My entire day is centered around my mother’s medication schedule. I’m worried about what will happen if I’m not there."

“I am constantly worried about my grandmother. She has so many medications to take at different times throughout the day.”

Caregiving for loved ones is a hard job.

We know you are worried about them, and we know how to help.

Better Medication Management in 5 Steps


Select the type of medication containers you need to track

weekly pillbox? inhaler? medsense works with all your containers.

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Meet your medsense

Care Guide

You will receive an email with instructions on what to expect next and how to schedule an onboarding call with your assigned care guide.


Order your personalized

medsense pack

You will receive your package with the correct number of sensors needed by mail after ordering.


Follow setup instructions

Plug-in the medsense Hub, attach sensors, sync sensors with medications using the app, and configure alerts and reminders for you and the person you are caring for.


Watch your stress dissapear

medsense will help the person you care for stay safely on schedule and let you monitor medication usage so you can stop worrying about what would happen when you are not there. 

Learn How medsense Works

medsense uses patent-pending technology to monitor medications.

Available through Partner Care Organizations

Senior Care

Managed Care

Care Consulting

Home Care

Residential Assisted Living

Providers of Senior Tech

Our Customers Are Getting Their Lives Back

"Grandma thinks the phone call reminding her to take her meds when she forgets to be really helpful and I no longer feel like her doctor having to call and ask if she has taken them yet."

- Sarah Olson

"Using Alexa with the sensors has been extremely helpful in keeping my dad on schedule with his medications and he hasn't had any unexpected visits to the emergency room yet.  "

- Mike Brennen

"My mother has a hard time reading and the colored sensors make it easy for her to quickly find the right medication and the app is a great way to quickly make sure she is doing all right."

-Jennifer Schmidt